Fairview FM - Technology


Fairview Facilities Management's strategy is to invest and promote Smart Facilities Management

We ensure this is achieved by using the correct technology to ensure our clients premises run as efficiently and safely as possible while providing substantial cost benefits.

Our Smart systems ensure that all services are connected on our unique platform, helping to make sure your premises are safer and more sustainable. Data analytics are employed throughout your premises to direct intelligent decision making about the operation of on-site facilities services.

These Smart systems also enable a high level of automation on the maintenance process. This ensures that our service delivery teams concentrate on prioritised maintenance tasks as opposed to administrative or support functions which the system automatically generates.

Fairview Facilities Management - technology

Our condition-based monitoring solutions ensure that maintenance is undertaken when it is required based on performance and statutory requirements.

The platform can work in conjunction with your CAFM and BMS system or can replace it.

Our platform can extract data directly from key systems in order to monitor the building environment and plant performance.

By recording the performance of key systems over time using our KPIs, we can quickly identify where issues are occurring, and provide you with actionable insights so you can optimise your building and plant operation.

Our solution can be developed into something bespoke that suits your facility needs. Accompanied by our consultancy approach, we can guarantee savings and a better more efficient service.

Maintenance manuals and plans are digitised and are accessible 24/7 from our system. The main benefits of this are:

  • Rapid understanding of the building and its services
  • Improved life safety, occupant wellbeing and security
  • Fast response to incidents
  • Marketing aid when letting space or selling your portfolio
  • Integrated response tool

All data can be shared with facilities managers, site operators and agents for use in reports or to monitor key performance indicators.

This puts the power straight back into your hands and means issues can be diagnosed and resolved quickly.