Fairview FM - Innovations


How many times has your current provider come to you with an innovation that has truly changed your working environment?

It is essential that Facilities Management stays on top of recent developments rather than just concentrating on traditional methods and approaches.

As a result Fairview Facilities Management decided that this strategic approach is essential to providing our customers with new ways of working.

Some innovations are complex, and some are very simple. Detailed below are a few innovations covering various different services that we would be glad to discuss with you:

  • Robotic cleaning equipment
  • Energy Saving and Management
  • Energy saving hand dryers
  • Water saving toilets
  • Limescale Solution
  • Fuel Conditioning System
  • Tap water saving devices
  • Powder Based Cleaning Material
  • Food waste to waste water
Fairview Facilities Management - innovations

There are a number of other innovations we have so if you have any issues and would like to discuss them or any of the products detailed above please do not hesitate to contact us.