Fairview FM - Facilities Management

Facilities Management

We offer a range of facilities management services and these include:

  • Office moves and relocation
  • Hygiene
  • Goods in and goods out including handling dangerous goods
  • Pest control
  • Waste Management

Our Smart FM approach drives productivity enhancements and efficiencies through the integration of these services onto one workflow platform. This enables the majority of tasks to be automated, which not only enables savings to be made but improves performance and therefore client satisfaction.

We can support you with an integrated solution or a stand alone service offering.

Each occupant in a client building is treated as a customer and due to most staff being customer facing and representing your brand, the key element to all these services is customer service training. This is given to each member of staff through our internal training scheme.

Front of House/Reception / Security

We know how important first impressions are and whether it is a warm greeting in the morning  or anticipating your visitors needs and exceeding their expectations. Our staff are trained to create a positive customer experience. An alternative to the traditional staff-based solution is our electronic reception where visitors can sign in for meetings and print their own passes. Whatever solution you require we can design a service that suits. We provide security solutions that suit your needs whether that's physical staff or remote monitoring.

Mailroom Services

We can provide a traditional mailroom service or adapt using technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our Services include:

  • Management of incoming and outgoing mail
  • Internal postal services
  • Mail-screening and security
  • Courier Shipments and cost management
  • Management of dangerous goods
  • Customs clearance
  • Archiving services

Our aim is to improve efficiency and eliminate risk while reducing costs.

Energy Management and Monitoring

The Enviromental impact our businesses are having in this world are extremely important.

We are able to help you manage and monitor your energy and help you with some fantastic solutions using creative design and technology. Saving you money and saving the world.

Office Moves, Relocation and refurbishment

The use of buildings change on a regular basis and this can involve regular office moves or even relocations. Our team can organise and undertake the move and ensure that the downtime for your business is kept to an absolute minimum.

Aided by our Smart FM system our team can also provide an office refurbishment service which will include everything from initial plans to the actual building work. Due to integrating all services these refurbishments will not only benefit your business in the short term but the medium and long term.

We also use space planning technology which will support you in making the right decisions on any activity. This includes three dimensional views and also space allocations services so the true cost of each department can be allocated and defined.

We can also review current layouts and determine the most appropriate layout which could enable savings on the amount of space that you use.

Facilities Management - Front of House / Reception services

Landscaping (Internal/External)

We are able to provide considerable experience and advice, managing reliable site-specific grounds maintenance programs that accommodate different sites and alternative budgets. We can deliver high standards efficiently and aim to consistently improve upon the quality of the grounds throughout the duration of the contract.

In addition to maintenance we can also provide comprehensive design, planting and landscaping services.  Each site is assigned to a contracts manager who will regularly communicate and can be your single point of contact at any time.

For internal areas we can provide an environment to suit all types of properties. This can either be through a purchase or lease option. We appreciate that in some cases the internal areas can be seen as a luxury and we can provide alternative ways of allocating costs to suit all budgets.


Our washroom hygiene services are tailored to your business and we provide a range of services, these include:

  • Sanitary Disposal
  • Dispensers
  • Hand Driers
  • Hand Care
  • Consumables
  • Vending
  • Air Scents
  • Mats
  • Monitoring Services

Your washrooms say a lot about your business and we can provide solutions to suit all budgets.

We can also provide satisfaction measuring systems for your washrooms. These not only show the traffic which can determine the amount of cleans that are needed but also the building occupants perception of the facility.

Pest Control

We provide a range of services from the traditional prevention measures to hawking and reactive services. After an initial survey we will provide a number of options to ensure you have a pest free hygienic environment.

Waste Management

We provide a full waste management service that includes, confidential, hazardous, general and recyclable.

A full review of the waste provided will be undertaken and various options will be presented to you for consideration.

We can work on a zero to landfill basis and also provide a number of initiatives to help with your environmental requirements.

Your waste service will be displayed on a portal where you can see all details including insurance, collection times, final destination and also costs.