Fairview FM - Energy Management

Energy Management

Wherever you are on your energy and carbon reduction journey Fairview FM will create a solution that ensures your targets become shared targets.

Our consultative approach ensures that typical barriers to improved efficiency are removed, leading to an optimised, reliable and upgraded estate.

Fairview FM are uniquely placed to provide a variety of services that will support you in reducing your energy consumption. These include energy procurement, cost management, compliance, consumption analytics and volume management solutions. Our suite of products and services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. With a range of energy experts, we can help your business achieve its energy goals.

Our products focus on helping businesses manage energy prices and drive value to the bottom line, while ensuring that you are compliant with any changes in legislation.

Fairview FM - Energy Management

Data Analytics

Our data support services enable your business to better understand when and where you use energy. We can help you review, monitor and forecast your energy consumption and costs, from individual buildings to entire portfolios.

Our data analytics teams will evaluate your historical spend and help you recoup any overpayments whilst ensuring your future spend is accurate and competitive.

Our services are underpinned by our Smart FM approach where technology is introduced to various applications to ensure we can remotely monitor and assess data received from your buildings, which is then configured onto one platform. Using this platform, we can remotely make changes or provide analytical diagnostics to the onsite team to help them make adjustments for optimisation.


Our solutions help our clients achieve their business goals. Whether your aim is energy reduction, carbon savings or asset flexibility we can advise on and implement the best solution. Generally, our solution can be funded from the savings we make for you, so there will be little, or no investment needed.

Whether your environment impact targets are set internally or by legislation, our approach allows your organisation to focus on core activities with the confidence of meeting the environmental challenges of the future.